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Parameters will be replace when the routine running.

Default Parameters that built-in the Engine

Default variable Assume you use default config at ~/.osmedeus/config.yaml
{{Workspaces}} Workspaces path ~/workspaces-osmedeus/
{{Storages}} Storages path ~/.osmedeus/storages
{{Binaries}} Binary path ~/osmedeus-base/binaries
{{Data}} Data path ~/osmedeus-base/data
{{Scripts}} Script path ~/osmedeus-base/scripts
{{BaseFolder}} Base path ~/osmedeus-base
{{Workflow}} Workflow path ~/osmedeus-base/workflow
{{Cloud}} Cloud path ~/osmedeus-base/cloud

Parameters generated from input

Dynamic variable E.g command: osmedeus scan -t
{{Workspace}} just like {{Target}} but strip out / char to _. For example --> example.com_a_b
{{Output}} {{Output}} == {{Workspaces}} + {{Workspace}}
{{Org}} example
{{custom}} Extra param take from --params 'custom=anything'