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☁ Git Setup for Premium Package

This feature is quite complex and only available in the premium package. Make sure you understand to tools and its concept of it first

Note that this setup is Optional. You can still use the tool perfectly fine without it!

Setup Storages

Check out the Private Playlist on the #backer channel in Discord to see a Video Instruction.

1. Modify the content of Storages Config file at ~/osmedeus-base/token/storages-alias.rc

Please change your username and repository name from your_gitlab_username is your gitlab username and dosm-* are your Gitlab repo names.

export GIT_SSH_COMMAND='ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -i ~/.osmedeus/storages_key'

# for storages
export SECRET_KEY=~/.osmedeus/storages_key

# core one

# mics one

2. Load the storages variables to Osmedeus config

Run these commands below if you not using git before

git config --global "your_gitlab_user"
git config --global ""
echo 'source $HOME/osmedeus-base/token/storages-alias.rc' >> ~/.bashrc && source ~/.bashrc

# reload config to osmedeus
osmedeus config reload

This will generate the public key at /root/.osmedeus/ Please add this public key at to your gitlab profile.

You can also check if the config was loaded or not

cat ~/.osmedeus/config.yaml  | grep 'secret_key'

3. Reload the config to clone repo

#reload config to cloning the repo

osmedeus config reload --debug

# then check out your storages folder at `~/.osmedeus/storages/summary`
ls ~/.osmedeus/storages/summary/ 
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