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☁ Git Setup for Premium Package

This feature is quite complex and only available in the premium package. Make sure you understand to tools and its concept of it first

Note that this setup is Optional. You can still use the tool perfectly fine without it!

Setup Storages

Check out the Private Playlist on the #backer channel in Discord to see a Video Instruction.

1. Modify the storages: section in the token file at ~/osmedeus-base/token/osm-var.yaml

Run these commands below if you not using git before

git config --global "your_gitlab_user"
git config --global ""

The content of storages looks like below

    assets_repo: ASSETS_REPO
    assets_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/assets
    http_repo: HTTP_REPO
    http_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/http
    mics_repo: MICS_REPO
    mics_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/mics
    paths_repo: PATHS_REPO
    paths_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/paths
    ports_repo: PORTS_REPO
    ports_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/ports
    secret_key: SECRET_KEY
    subdomain_repo: SUBDOMAIN_REPO
    subdomain_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/subdomain
    summary_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/summary
    vuln_repo: VULN_REPO
    vuln_storage: ~/.osmedeus/storages/vuln

Kindly note that you are not required to configure all the repositories and destinations for this. Typically, I only utilize three repositories: summary_repo, paths_repo, and vuln_repo

You'll be required to make adjustments to certain values listed below

  • Change the SECRET_KEY to the path of your secret key that can do the push/pull to your git repo.
  • Change the your_gitlab_username to your Gitlab user name
  • Change the SUMMARY_REPO or to your Gitlab repo.

If you lack the SECRET_KEY needed for cloning a Git repository, you can utilize the following command to create the keypair and then place it in the desired location, such as ~/.osmedeus/storages_key

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -f storages_key -q -N ''
# then add your key to the gitlab/github account e.g:

Understand the storages config pair

The summary_repo and summary_storage are closely linked, and the same concept applies to the other pairs, such as vuln_repo and vuln_storage.

  • summary_storage is a local folder in your instance and in this case it will be ~/.osmedeus/storages/summary
  • summary_repo is your gitlab repository and in this case This repo will be clone to the your local machine and after you put everything in that folder

Once you've configured the Git storages, the workflow will manage how data is copied/appended to the local folder and subsequently push the latest changes to your repository.

  - scripts:
      # This will copy the the output of probing module to 
      - ExecCmd("cp {{Output}}/probing/dns-{{Workspace}}.txt {{Storages}}/summary/{{Workspace}}/dns-{{Workspace}}.txt")
      # This will do a git push to `` repository
      - PushFolder("{{Storages}}/summary/")

2. Reload the config to clone repo

# reload config to cloning the repo
osmedeus config check

# then check out your storages folder at `~/.osmedeus/storages/summary`
ls ~/.osmedeus/storages/summary/