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Markdown Report



Basic Information

The default storage location for all markdown templates, along with the default CSS style, is $HOME/osmedeus-base/data/markdown/ To generate the HTML report, utilize the script provided within the following workflow.

GenMarkdownReport("{{Data}}/markdown/", "{{Output}}/summary.html")

Special tags

<content /> tag

The content tag is employed to display the file's content using the src attribute. Additionally, by utilizing the shortent=true attribute, you can make the content collapsible.

<content src="{{Output}}/subdomain/final-{{Workspace}}.txt" shorten=true />

<content src="{{Output}}/linkfinding/links-{{Workspace}}.txt" />

<scanInfo /> tag

The scanInfo tag is utilized to generate scan information such as the target name, asset summary, and workflow name.

<reports /> tag

The reports tag is employed to list all files within the report: section specific to the module.