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Usage - Full usage message


Practical Usage with examples commands

# Practical Usage:
  osmedeus scan -f [flowName] -t [target]
  osmedeus scan -f [flowName] -T [targetsFile]
  osmedeus scan -f /path/to/flow.yaml -t [target]
  osmedeus scan -m /path/to/module.yaml -t [target] --params 'port=9200'
  osmedeus scan -m /path/to/module.yaml -t [target] -l /tmp/log.log
  cat targets | osmedeus scan -f sample
  osmedeus scan --chunk --chunk-part 40 -c 2 -f cidr -t list-of-cidr.txt
  osmedeus scan --tactic aggressive -m module -t [target]

# Cloud Usage:
  osmedeus provider build
  osmedeus cloud -f [flowName] -t [target]
  osmedeus cloud -c 10 -f [flowName] -T [targetsFile]
  osmedeus cloud --chunk -c 10 -f [flowName] -t [targetsFile]

# Example Commands:
  osmedeus scan -t
  osmedeus scan -T list_of_targets.txt -W custom_workspaces
  osmedeus scan -t -w workspace_name --debug
  osmedeus scan -f single -t
  osmedeus scan -f ovuln-T list_of_target.txt
  osmedeus scan -m ~/osmedeus-base/workflow/direct-module/dirbscan.yaml -t http-file.txt
  ls ~/.osmedeus/storages/summary/ | osmedeus scan -m ~/osmedeus-base/workflow/test/dirbscan.yaml
  ls ~/.osmedeus/storages/summary/ | osmedeus scan -m ~/osmedeus-base/workflow/test/busting.yaml -D

# Private Documentation can be found here:

# Start Web UI at https://localhost:8000/ui/
osmedeus server
# login with credentials from `~/.osmedeus/config.yaml`

# Delete workspace
osmedeus config delete -w workspace_name

help - help about any command

osmedeus help
osmedeus scan help

scan - Actually start a scan based on predefined workflow

# Practical Scan Usage:

## Start a simple scan with default 'general' flow
osmedeus scan -t

## Start a scan directly with a module with inputs as a list of http domains like this
osmedeus scan -m ~/osmedeus-base/workflow/direct-module/dirbscan.yaml -t http-file.txt

## Start a general scan but exclude some of the modules
osmedeus scan -t -x screenshot -x spider

## Start a simple scan with other flow
osmedeus scan -f vuln -t

## Scan for CIDR with file contains CIDR with the format ''
osmedeus scan -f cidr -t list-of-cidrs.txt
osmedeus scan -f cidr -t '' # this will auto convert the single input to the file and run

## Directly run the vuln scan and directory scan on list of domains
osmedeus scan -f vuln-and-dirb -t list-of-domains.txt

## Directly run the general but without subdomain enumeration scan on list of domains
osmedeus scan -f domains -t list-of-domains.txt

## Use a custom wordlist
osmedeus scan -t -p 'wordlists={{Data}}/wordlists/content/big.txt' -p 'fthreads=40'

## Scan list of targets
osmedeus scan -T list_of_targets.txt

## Get target from a stdin and start the scan with 2 concurrency
cat list_of_targets.txt | osmedeus scan -c 2

queue - Running the scan with input from queue file

osmedeus queue -Q /tmp/queue-file.txt -c 2
osmedeus queue --add -t -Q /tmp/queue-file.txt

server - Start web UI server

osmedeus server --port 9000

utils - Utility to get some information from the system

osmedeus utils tmux ls
osmedeus utils tmux logs -A -l 10
osmedeus utils ps
osmedeus utils ps --proc 'jaeles'
osmedeus utils cron --cmd 'osmdeus scan -t' --sch 60
osmedeus utils cron --for --cmd 'osmedeus scan -t'
osmedeus utils workflow
osmedeus config set --threads-hold=10

health - Run diagnostics to check configurations

osmedeus health
osmedeus health cloud --debug
osmedeus health git --debug

cloud - Run scan in Distributed Cloud mode

# Cloud Usage
  osmedeus cloud -f [flowName] -t [target]
  osmedeus cloud -m [modulePath] -t [target]
  osmedeus cloud -c 10 -f [flowName] -T [targetsFile]
  osmedeus cloud --token xxx -G -c 10 -f [flowName] -T [targetsFile]
  osmedeus cloud --chunk -c 10 -f [flowName] -t [targetsFile]

provider - Cloud utils for Distributed Mode

# Provider Usage
  osmedeus provider wizard
  osmedeus provider validate
  osmedeus provider build --token xxx --rebuild --ic
  osmedeus provider create --name 'sample'
  osmedeus provider health --debug
  osmedeus provider list
  osmedeus provider delete --id 34317111 --id 34317112

report - Show report of existing workspace

# Report Usage
  osmedeus report list
  osmedeus report view --raw -t
  osmedeus report view --static -t
  osmedeus report view --static --ip <your-public-ip> -t