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If you love my tools and would like to support my work, please check out some donation methods below.

You or your organization would like to sponsor my projects or show your logo on the project documentation page feel free to contact me via here

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For Crypto Fan


or if you want to copy in text

BNB (BEP20): 0x39D84d5b9dAD64ce380E9A97327AD0fCA4eE3B94
BTC (ERC20): 0x055ff71344bcff0362c0eaf887439a73885da458
ETH (ERC20): 0x39D84d5b9dAD64ce380E9A97327AD0fCA4eE3B94
FTM (BEP20): 0x055ff71344bcff0362c0eaf887439a73885da458
AVAX (AVAX C-Chain): 0x055ff71344bcff0362c0eaf887439a73885da458
CRO (Cronos): 0x8241C6F30c7D76eBC2251d770B1671dbDC9d215E
USDT (BEP20): 0xaFC10B8064fDD47D04F1bFd8E6Ab59334711cAE6
USDT (ERC20): 0x39D84d5b9dAD64ce380E9A97327AD0fCA4eE3B94
SOL: 6w4kMFhS61VGVvgxW29sdC3jnzbAFpP2Cpcd4UJXVSZc

For People in My local country


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