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Install from a base repository

NOTE that you need some essential tools like curl, wget, git, zip, tmux and login as root to start

bash <(curl -fsSL

Install for MacOS or ARM based machine

NOTE that you need to install homebrew first if you're running on MacOS.

bash <(curl -fsSL

Some other changes you might need to make if you're really want to use Osmedeus on MacOS

Install from source

You will need to configured Go >= 1.8 environment.

# Install the base folder first, this will install some third party as well as golang 
bash <(curl -fsSL

# clone the source code to your $GOPATH and build the golang project
mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
go install

📦 Install from a build release

Make sure you login as root otherwise run sudo su first then put to any folder (e.g: /opt/)

unzip -q && cd build-osm

# verify your installation with health command
osmedeus health

Using Docker

Pull the Docker image by running docker pull j3ssie/osmedeus and follow this page for in depth usage.

✔ Verify the installation process

Just run the command osmedeus health. If you see the content like a image below then it's mean the installation process has been success.


The installation process is still success if you see this message. It's just one of many ♦ Premium features ♦

[-] Cloud config setup incorrectly. If you install osmedeus on a single machine then it's okay to ignore the cloud setup