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☁ Cloud config for distributed scan

This is only available in the premium package

Currently only these providers are supported: AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode

Here is how the scan looks like


Setup with the wizard

Just run osmedeus provider wizard then fill your API keys, press enter to use default value.


You can also do some other actions to your provider with osmedeus provider command


Manual Setup

1. Create API Key denpend on your cloud provider

First of all, you will need your token store in ~/osmedeus-base/cloud/provider.yaml as the format below.

Currently, Osmedeus only support AWS, Digital Ocean and Linode provider.


2. Create both public and private SSH Key

# This will auto generate the SSH Key if it not found it yet
osmedeus health cloud --debug

3. Create a snapshot with the build command

This will need packer v1.7.8 installed on your machine.

osmedeus provider build --rebuild

# or enable debug mode to see what's going on
osmedeus provider build --rebuild --debug

the result of the command should look like this


If you have any error make sure to check the content of these first

  • your api key is in ~/osmedeus-base/cloud/provider.yaml.
  • run osmedeus config reload to make sure everything loaded.
  • ls /root/osmedeus-base/cloud/ssh/cloud have two SSH Keys.
  • packer v1.7.8 is ready on your host machine.