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Using Docker

Building docker image

How to Build docker file for the premium package?

Just change the in Dockerfile to the install URL that I gave you.

git clone --depth=1
cd osmedeus-base/
docker build -t j3ssie/osmedeus:latest .

Running the scan


# create a volume with name `osmws` first, if you want to keep workspace data
docker volume create osmws

# run the scan
docker run -it --rm -v osmws:/root/.osmedeus/workspaces j3ssie/osmedeus:latest scan -f fast -t

# access the docker via bash if you want to see a raw result of the previous or current scan
docker ps

docker exec -it <container-id> /bin/bash

Run the Web UI

Note that osmedeus-scanner is just the name, you can use anything you want

## Start the web server
docker run -d --name osmedeus-scanner -v osmws:/root/.osmedeus/workspaces -p 8000:8000 j3ssie/osmedeus:latest server

## grepping for password
docker exec -it osmedeus-scanner -v osmws:/root/.osmedeus/workspaces grep password /root/.osmedeus/config.yaml | head -1