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The main philosophy of Osmedeus was never meant to be the that replace your tools or any other tools. It was designed to build a foundation with the capability and flexibility that allow you to make your recon system faster, cleaner and much more powerful.

The structure of the Osmedeus


The tool has two main components:

  • Core Engine Written in Golang which is responsible for handling all the complex logic and provide a lot of built-in utilities to run your workflow much more efficient.
  • Workflow which is a collection of YAML files that describe your methodology.

Target can be domain, url, IP, CIDR or anything that fit your workflow.

Comparison to the old version


How does Osmedeus actually work?

Osmedeus will take your input along with the selected flow/module to create a routine that contains a list of commands and logic to complete the scan.

Behind the scene, it actually runs other 3rd party tools with a special logic generated by Osmedeus core.