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Other Fields

Type & Flow

Type tag (Only avaliable flow file) is a folder name that will contains module file.

For example if you run the scan osmedeus scan -f general -t with module like below. It will look for module file general/subdomain.yaml and general/probing.yaml to run.

name: general
desc: run normal routine
type: general
validator: domain

  - modules:
      - subdomain
  - modules:
      - probing

  - flow: 'slow' # override the type: general to look for module name slow/portscan.yaml
      - portscan


The validator tag allows you to check the format of the input first before actually running the scan.

validator: domain # -t

# or

validator: cidr-file # -t file-of-cidr.txt

Here are some built-in formats that available in the Engine

  • domain
  • url
  • ipv4
  • cidr

you can also add -file after each name to validate input as a file (e.g: cidr-file).


This field shows a list of files that will show up on the Web UI modules.

Also when call the cleaning script like Cleaning("{{Output}}/subdomain/"). It will delete all the things in the subdomain folder except the file in the report section.

When you're using --resume flag. This is also the file that the core engine check if the module is already run or not too.

name: dirbscan
desc: Run Dirbscan

    - "{{Output}}/directory/beautify-{{Workspace}}.txt"
    - "{{Output}}/directory/paths-{{Workspace}}.csv"

  - inputFile: "{{Output}}/probing/http-{{Workspace}}.txt"
  - wordlists: "{{Data}}/wordlists/content/small.txt"